Qinhuai River


The Qinhuai River, a branch of the mighty Yangtze River has nursed the rich civilization of the region. The inner river of the river o­nce was the famous red-light districts throughout the nation in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Painted boats with red lanterns o­nce shuttled to and from, heavily made-up, gifted almes all became historical things. A busy colourful bazaar has gradually taken shape here. Now the flourishing riverside area can be compared to the Nanjing Road of Shanghai and some do call it the "Mini Nanjing Road". Small shops, stores, restaurants and bars cluster the area. You can find everything here ranging from colourful trinkets to local specialties. If you are good at bargaining you will be able to purchase some very cheap items here.
The Qin Huai Zone of the Confucius Temple has the lantern exhibition in the annual spring, Summer of Qin Huai in the summer, gourmet in the autumn.


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